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Susan Shaffette, CGMP

CEO. In-Person & Virtual Conference Planning, Implementation, Training Development, Certified Virtual Meeting & Event Management, Certified Pandemic Meeting Management, Certified Government Meeting Professional

In-Person and Virtual Training Instructor, Course Development & Project Management, Doctorate in Social Innovation, Certified Virtual Meeting & Event Management, Certified Government Meeting Professional

Darrian Campbell, BFA

Certified Master Virtual Producer, Graphic Design, Website Design, Online Course Development and Learning Management Systems, Project Management, Adobe Specialist, Fine Arts Degree

Bethany Jones

Social Media Management, Web Design, Video Design/Editing & Marketing

Catherine Jensen

Director of Operations, Virtual Training Support, Certified in Virtual Meeting & Event Management

Alex Stewart

Virtual Support & Training

Virtual Support &Training

Nichole Valenti


Camille Thomassie

Project Support

Gwen Richardson

Project Support

Jamar Little

Data Research and Tech Support

LaTasha Watts

Virtual Meeting Host

Dawn Moran

Project Support

Nzahda Macedon Harris

Virtual Meeting Host

Vaishnavi Kasala

Virtual Meeting Host

Ashley Barbier

Virtual Course Development & Support

Helena Campbell

Call Center Support

Dorothy Jones

Call Center Support

Mohammad Omar Minhas

Virtual Meeting Host

Bashar Saleh

Virtual Meeting Host

James Mohon

Virtual Meeting Host

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